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The California Reuben Sandwich

I call this sandwich the California Reuben Sandwich. This sandwich is a lighter version of the Reuben sandwich. This sandwich can be served cold or hot. This recipe deviates from the original sandwich in three areas.



  1. The first change is the bread. Instead of Rye I use a Ciabatta roll. The chibatta bread is a coarse type bread. It is not a wimpy bread that will get soggy.  It can standup to the rest of the sandwich as we will make it.
  2. The second change is the coleslaw. The original Reuben sandwich uses sauerkraut. This sandwich lightens things up with the introduction of fresh coleslaw.
  3. The third change is the dressing. Instead of Russian dressing,  I use thousand island dressing. The thousand island dressing is very easy to make(click here to get the recipe) and is a familiar taste that most people didn’t know that they have tasted.This sandwich takes some prework to get to the plate. The corned beef must be made a day ahead to be able to slice it thinly when cold. The coleslaw needs to made in the morning. This allows all the flavors to meld for sandwiches that evening.



  1. Slice the ciabatta rolls and butter the cut surfaces.
  2. Place the buttered rolls on a hot pan or cast iron comal and lightly brown. This browning process will help the bread standup to the moisture of the coleslaw.
  3. Thinly slice the Best Corned Beef Recipe brisket.
  4. Assemble the thinly sliced corned beef topped with swiss cheese. If you like it warm/hot(like me, my wife likes it cold) place the cheese topped corned beef on a plate and warm in the microwave until the cheese starts to melt.
  5. Spread the thousand island dressing on the ciabatta rolls.
  6. It’s time to assemble these bad boys. Place the meat/cheese on the lower part of the ciabatta roll. Place a good portion of coleslaw on top of the meat/cheese and top with the top of the ciabatta roll.
  7. This is a two handed, three napkin sandwich that I know your going to love and make over and over again. Enjoy!
    • Buttered and Toasted on the griddle
      Buttered and Toasted
    • California Reuben toasted with thousand island dressing
      The Thousand Island Dressing goes on the toasted bun
    • corned beef and melted Swiss cheese
      Corned beef and melted Swiss Cheese on bun
    • corned beef and Swiss cheese topped with coleslaw
      Coleslaw goes on next
    • California Reuben Sandwich
      Enjoy! USA, LLC



Want to learn more about the original Reuben sandwich(click here)

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