How Not To Bid On ebay

How not to bid on eBay How not to bid on eBay, is it the right winning strategy for you? Are you new to eBay? Are the items you want slipping thru your digital fingers? Do you want a winning strategy? If you answered yes then you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ve all had… Read More »

Offline Chlorinator Fitting Fails

Offline Chlorinator Fitting Fails Over time you will experience offline chlorinator fitting fails. These were a couple that I found during a routine inspection of the offline chlorinator. What kind of failures This article deals with saddle fittings, compression nuts and saddle clamps for automatic chlorinators that are similar to the Hayward CL220 and any generic chlorinators… Read More »

Whisperflo Motor Replacement

Whisperflo Motor Replacement Replacement Whisperflo Motor Eventually, you will have to face a Whisperflo motor replacement. The replacement motor may not be identical to the original motor. This is what I experienced when I recently replaced my pool pump motor. The replacement motor is not identical to the original but it is compatible with the… Read More »

Deck Construction DIY Spacers

Deck Construction DIY Spacers I recently had to rebuild a small deck. DIY spacers would be needed to provide drainage gaps between the finished deck boards. These spacers would be used to provide the gap then moved to the next row after securing the deck board. After determining my spacer size I needed to use a… Read More »

Pool Equipment Tune Up

Pool Equipment Tune Up It’s pool season again and time for a pool equipment tune up. I don’t want to experience problems all season long. So it would be a good thing to visit each piece of equipment and check out those things that can cause problems during the season. Safety First Before you start… Read More »

Numbered List In Reverse Order

Numbered List In Reverse Order Do you need a numbered list in reverse order? I recently had a need for just such a reverse ordered numbered list. I had never thought about needing such a list but a post required that I list the items in reverse order or from last to the first or… Read More »