Building a deck

Building a deck   Building a deck takes time and effort. Time and effort that you will enjoy for many years. I have such a deck that has stood for more than 35 years. But recently the deck has shown its age and is in need of rebuilding.  This time there are new materials that… Read More »

Review The Breakfast Club at Midtown

Review The Breakfast Club at Midtown(San Jose, CA.) My wife wanted to go to an outdoor event in the Bay Area. It was all about glass pumpkins. Since we were going to be near our grandson we gave him a call and invited him to join us for the shopping experience and a bite to… Read More »

Using an Exploded View Drawing

Not just an air nailer This article is about how I fixed an Air Nailer using an exploded view drawing. This technique can be used for any piece of equipment. If you can find an exploded view drawing you have all the information you need to assemble it correctly. How it started I was working… Read More »

Add Related Article link in WordPress

How to add a single related article link in WordPress Adding a related article link to your WordPress posts is good for your SEO. I won’t get into that part of the reason for doing so. But I will say that providing a related article link in your posts is good for your users. It provides… Read More »

Frugal living: Buying by the piece

Frugal living: Buying by the piece I was grocery shopping and lettuce was on my list. I was doing what I normally do. Grabbing a head of lettuce and mentally weighing it in my hand. Accepting only the heaviest head and discarding the others. Putting the candidate head aside as I went thru the process… Read More »

WordPress Email Text Link

WordPress email text link I recently had the need to create an email text link for WordPress. Which, when clicked, would set up a blank email to a chosen email address. The person in the article did not have a website that could be used for contact. They only had an email and that was the only method that… Read More »

Installing Baseboard to Perfection

Installing baseboard to perfection Installing baseboard is all about the splices, corners, and nailing into the wall studs. The techniques applied to these three areas will ensure that your job looks top rate. Also during contraction/expansion cycles the splices and corner cuts will not appear to change should they open up. You will need some… Read More »

Not Quilting at a Quilt Show

Not Quilting at a Quilt Show Not quilting at a quilt show. You’re not a quilter? You may want to go to a quilt show. Cookies, Miracle Ironing board cover, Spices and Flavorings, Knives, tools, and a lot more there’s a lot more than quilts at the quilt show. I have always assumed that a… Read More »