Pool Equipment Tune Up

Pool Equipment Tune Up It’s pool season again and time for a pool equipment tune up. I don’t want to experience problems all season long. So it would be a good thing to visit each piece of equipment and check out those things that can cause problems during the season. Safety First Before you start… Read More »

Numbered List In Reverse Order

Numbered List In Reverse Order Do you need a numbered list in reverse order? I recently had a need for just such a reverse ordered numbered list. I had never thought about needing such a list but a post required that I list the items in reverse order or from last to the first or… Read More »

Selecting a Security Mailbox

Selecting A Security Mailbox I decided to go with the security mailbox when my home got a facelift. Postal theft from unlocked mailboxes seems to be in the news a lot. It’s time to tighten up my mailbox security. My thinking being that if my mailbox was more secure than my neighbors they(the thieves) will move… Read More »

Colorful Marinated Zucchini Salad

Colorful Marinated Zucchini Salad How I got to this colorful marinated zucchini salad started out when I had just picked zucchini from the garden. I didn’t feel like another zucchini bread. My wife had made a bean salad that had sparked my imagination. The flavor of that bean salad was something special. I thought it might… Read More »

Finding The Right CPAP Face Mask

Finding the right CPAP face mask Finding the right CPAP face mask was very hard for me. I got my machine from the VA and they provided a set of nose pillows. But early on I found that while they are very comfortable there are problems that I noticed. CPAP Problems I had the nose pillows which would provide… Read More »

Sleep Apnea and Me

Sleep Apnea and Me Sleep apnea and me it was always something that I didn’t believe could happen. It is such an insidious condition. It sneaks up on you without a warning. But I take that back there were warnings. Years earlier, my wife had noticed my breathing difficulty while I slept. I dismissed it. Complete and utter… Read More »

What Is A Drip Loop

What is a drip loop? I had a conversation about what is a drip loop with an installer from my satellite television provider. I was present when he tried to pull the wire from outside my home into the attic for further distribution. In the past I have had problems from the lack of a… Read More »

Reduce the work of making tamales

Reduce the work of making tamales Spreading the Masa The final major step to making tamales is to spread the masa on the corn husks and assemble the tamales. This is where the work can be reduced. Spreading the masa on the husks requires using a large spoon. A spoonful of dough spread on the husk with… Read More »