RV mold and ventilation in winter

RV mold and ventilation in winter Out of the blue RV mold and ventilation became a topic. My daughter called me the other day with a question about her new to her RV. This is their first rainy season with a hard walled RV. They had locked up the RV tight with all the windows and… Read More »

The Ravioli House Review

The Ravioli House Review The Ravioli House is a little place tucked into a San Mateo, CA. nondescript building where if you blink you could pass it by.  Boy am I glad I didn’t pass on this deli. My wife and my sister decided they needed to attend a quilt and sewing show at the nearby… Read More »

Battery will not charge?

Battery will not charge? The battery will not charge. I recently had this situation on my wife’s tablet. Unfortunately, she had run down the battery so low it would no longer charge. No matter what I tried it wouldn’t charge. So if you have this situation whether it is a cell phone, or a tablet… Read More »

Texturing Techniques on Drywall

Texturing Techniques on Drywall I learned how to apply texturing techniques on drywall by trial and error. Matching a texture is all about the mud viscosity and the mud gun’s air pressure and the volume of mud, the mud gun delivers when you pull the trigger. All of these parameters are adjustable. All this said… Read More »

Bridge Client WDS which mode do I need?

Bridge Client WDS which mode do I need? Bridge Client WDS which mode do I need? This is the question that recently ran thru my brain. I had to replace a bad powerline ethernet adapter. This time I wanted to go wireless and this was going to require a router. However, all the devices that… Read More »

Mom’s Refried Beans with Cheese

Mom’s Refried Beans with Cheese These are my mom’s refried beans with cheese. She would make this version just for me. For anyone else, she had a different recipe. She always kept a jar of bacon grease in the refrigerator. When I would drop by that jar would come out and she would make these… Read More »

Patching a hole in drywall

Patching a hole in drywall Patching a hole in drywall involves some of the same techniques as drywall installation. Attach the drywall to the studs, tape and mud for 3 layers and finally texture and paint. If you’re cutting holes so that you can thread something thru the wall(electrical cable for instance) try to keep the… Read More »

Push Connector Something New in Wire Connecting

Push Connector something new in wire connecting I found a push connector something new in wire connecting. At least it’s new to me. Prior to this my world consisted of wire nuts. Different size wire nuts for different wire combinations. Now I admit that as a homeowner I don’t use this stuff every day. So… Read More »